Cassville Public Schools Foundation
Alumni Association, Inc.
The establishment of a Board of Directors has allowed the “Cassville Public Schools Foundation and Alumni Association, Inc.” to begin the mission of Today’s Gift Securing The Future.
Vice President
Gordon Kremer
Bruce Boyum
Tammy Reynolds
Shelby Roe
Lacy Kasten
Julie Uppena
Holly Fishnick
Tom Hughes
Elizabeth Wiest
The foundation is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the constraints of public funding for education and the needs of our school and its students. Property taxes alone simply can’t provide for the ever-changing demands of our educational system.
All donations are tax-deductible
After careful evaluation of requests for funding by administration, staff, and students, the foundation will direct funds to selected projects.
If the Cassville Schools are forced to consolidate, any funds accumulated in the foundation will be used for scholarships awarded specifically to students from the former Cassville School District.
Donations can be designated to special projects with approval of the foundation board and school district. Special events, individual and corporate donations, recurring gifts, and “Matching Fund” programs will provide the supportive funding to the foundation.
Tax Information
A copy of the Cassville Public Schools Foundation and Alumni Association, Inc.'s application for tax-exempt status, letter of approval from the IRS, and/or annual information returns may be requested via mail or email to the association. The information will be mailed to the requestor no later than two weeks from the date the request is received.